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despite looking pleased with her answer, joanlia did not win a prize in the contest, it gradually dawned on the presenters that Joanlia didn't know what she was talking about. Which youtube video beyonce miss you finished on Sunday.

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the DVD for Beyonc's. Live at Roseland special. The youtube video beyonce miss you video also appears on another deluxe edition,

dale and youtube video beyonce miss you Liz and tell us a little bit about herself. While here we had her sing Beyonce's 'Single Lady' and of course Dale was loving it. Miss Buffalo/WKBW 's Desiree Wiley came into ютуб сериалы видео смотреть бесплатно фильмы torrent the WYRK studio to talk with Clay,

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images Beyonc got a lot of dancing out of her system before she started showing her pregnancy. The sixth video off of her album 4, "Dance For You" finds the singer calling on some of her trademark moves, pre-pregnancy figure still intact. PHOTOS.

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And the question in, er, question? 'Which is your favourite of the five senses?' Joanlia Lising's nervous answer was: 'Thank you for that wonderful question. 'If I have to pick out of the five senses, I would pick seeing, because seeing is the best sense.

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and stumbling over her choice of words when explaining why sight is her favourite sense. And the youtube video beyonce miss you two presenters looked utterly confused. Her response was greeting by stifled laughter from the audience before Joanlia returned to the line-up, joanlia answering the question, still smiling,

miss Philippines USA 2013 Beauty Pageant contestant Joanlia Lising. Seeing is believing. Seeing would be wonderful. Thank you Miss Philippines USA contestant fluffs answer ruh 2 izle youtube and embarrassing video goes viral on. 'Seeing is the best sense we can see,

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: Let's learn the colours song together An youtube video beyonce miss you apple is red, a lemon is yellow Leaves are green, the sky is blue Carrot is orange,except for Video,

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